In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, several changes have been made to the delivery of courses in the Department. All lectures will be held online, as well as some labs and tutorials. However, there are instances where it has been determined that face to face contact is required and in these cases students will need to be on campus. Respective Course Coordinators/Lecturers will provide updates on these on OurVLE or during the first class.

To facilitate any physical visits, the department has implemented several protocols to protect the health of visitors, staff and students. Requirements for entry to any Block include the wearing of face masks/coverings, temperature checks and the sanitizing of hands. Automatic hand sanitizers have been installed in all Blocks.

As we look to begin a new academic year, we ask that you continue to keep safe and well.

Early Orientation thumbEarly Orientation for new FST students
The FST will host its Early Orientation Sessions from July 19-23 this year. These Early Orientation Sessions are designed to assist you with the transition from High School to University Life and include talks on available student support services.

The Life Sciences information Session is Wednesday July 21 @ 10:45AM.
View schedule.

DLS Honour Society
The Life Sciences Honours Society (LSHS) seeks to recognize outstanding performance in the discipline and was created as a way of encouraging students of the Life Sciences to aim higher and achieve more. Read more.

Revised Requirements
Revisions have been made to the requirements for the BSc Environmental Biology, Horticulture Major and Marine Biology Major to offer more electives to allow students greater flexibility in satisfying degree requirements.

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Postgraduate Offerings