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Advanced Management Courses

Level Up with MSBM

Level up with one of our Advanced Management Courses! These courses are for executives/professionals who have a first degree or master’s degree with extensive experience in the course area. Register for any of our advanced management courses and build on your business knowledge, skills and expertise. Invest in your career and broaden your horizons with exposure to new and emerging topics in the business world.

Marketing Research (SBMA6010)

This course provides an understanding of the links between the needs of marketing and the capabilities of research. Its aim is to increase the knowledge of students about the application of research, to reduce uncertainty in decision making and to develop a knowledge and understanding of the important role of information in marketing practices.

Marketing Strategy & Product Policy (SBMA6030)

This course offers students an opportunity to broaden their understanding of strategic marketing management. It explores issues such as price and cost dynamics and brand management strategies for products and services.

Human Resource Information Systems and Analytics (SBHR6050)

This course provides a thorough foundation in the use of purpose-driven information and communications technologies to improve the management of the human resource (HR) function and contribute to the strategic objectives of a business. It provides students with a sound knowledge of major Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) developments relating to the interface between Human Resource Management (HRM) and technology (e.g. software as a service, cloud computing, shared service centres, centres of excellence, workforce analytics) and analyze their implications for the HR strategy of a business. In this course, students will understand the value of their HR data and apply the appropriate HR analytics to this data for strategic decision making.

Electronic Commerce (SBMI6020)

In this course, students will explore what e-commerce is and how companies can make and have made use of the possibilities offered by the internet. Secondly, it will discuss some of the techniques that have proven useful in data warehousing and data mining. Finally, it will explore the extent to which this technology can be used in the developing world in general and Jamaica in particular.

IT Project Management (MGMT6024)

This course is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the issues involved in managing technologies to improve the performance of firms in the important sectors of the Jamaican economy.

Enterprise Data Management (SBMI6040)

The objective of this course is to give students a broad overview of managerial, strategic and technical issues associated with enterprise data management. The topics that will be covered include data management for transactional queries (database management systems), data management for strategic decision making (data warehousing), data quality, business intelligence, data governance, and data privacy and security. Students exposed to this course will bring the practical knowledge they gain throughout the course to the organization and will be able to transform these organizations by providing techniques for harnessing this data for improved strategic decision making.

Business Systems Engineering (SBMI6050)

The objective of this course is to provide students with a general introduction to Business Systems Engineering. The topics that will be covered include: Business Systems Engineering Life-Cycle; SocioTechnical Systems; Business Systems Requirements & Requirements Engineering Processes; System Models; Planning for Verification and Validation; The Open Source Development Model; Cloud Computing Service Models; Software Business Value.

Fee: J$100,000 per course (*MSBM Alumni Eligible for a 10% Discount)

Registration Deadline: December 20, 2021

 To register, complete form at the link below and submit to Allison Blackwood-Higgins via email:



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