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MSc. Computer Based Management Information Systems




The Master of Science in Master of Science in Computer Based Management Information systems was developed in response to the rapidly growing demand for a new type of graduate student with an in-depth knowledge in management information systems and computer science. This demand arises from the increased of use of computer-based systems both in the financial and retail sectors, as well as Government sectors. until now, this demand has been filled by graduates either in Management Studies, or in Computer Sciences, at the least as far junior positions are concerned.

This programme will not only equip Jamaican nationals to fill these positiions, but will also educate a new generation of Information Systems Analysts and Managers who will spearhead the thrust by Jamaican firms to establish a sustainable competitive position on the critically important information service sector.

The programme partners management with computer science and UWI with a select group of local firms who are interested in becoming globally competitive in information services.Educating a new generation of leaders in information systems requires teachers, disciplines, concepts and facilities available only through the combined resources of these partnerships.

Programme Objectives

This programme will provide participants with:

  • A comprehensive understanding of how information systems are changing organizational structures and can be used effectively to create a basis of competitive advantage.
  • A comprehensive introduction to the principles of management.
  • A comprehensive introduction to methods used in managing the development of computer-based systems
  • Detailed exposure to new advances in information technology.

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