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450 graduate from FLOW Skills for the Future programme

The FLOW Foundation recently graduated 450 students from its second cohort of the Skills for the Future Programme.

The recent graduation now brings the total to almost 600 Jamaicans that have successfully completed the programme, many of whom are employing the skills they have learnt in their daily lives.

Kayon Mitchell, executive director of the FLOW Foundation, commended the graduates for their commitment to improving themselves. The graduates included high school students as well as senior citizens, highlighting the wide relevance of the programme being offered.

“Digital inclusion is for everyone,” Mitchell said. “We will not return to life as we knew it before the pandemic. We are living in a digital economy, so it is critical that as many Jamaicans as possible are empowered to not only participate in this space, but to use the digital landscape to enable their progress.”

The partnership between the FLOW Foundation and the Caribbean School of Data (CSOD) came from the need for Jamaicans to develop competencies in navigating the digital space. This need was amplified at the onset of the pandemic, and according to Dr Maurice McNaughton, project lead and director of the Centre for Excellence and Innovation at MSBM, a collaborative response was needed to ensure sustainable people development.

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Article from & Photo from: The Gleaner

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