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Former sweetie seller now a UWI graduate

Saidah Denniser has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. During her years in high school, the Kingston resident, realising that her parents were not always in a position to give her all the things she wanted, sold beaded jewellery and sweets to her schoolmates to earn a quick buck.

In 2017, when Denniser enrolled at The University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona, to read for a bachelor's degree in marketing, she agonised about where the money would come from to fund her tertiary education. She applied to the Student Loan Bureau to pay her school fees, but aborted the process after her mother and grandmother took on the responsibility of paying her tuitions.

Despite the reprieve, Denniser knew she had to find a way to assist with day-to-day expenses.

"My friend Jolee and I were talking and we were like, how we ago make some money you know, just for lunch money and pocket money and so forth? And she say you know, you can start do back beaded jewellery enuh. But inah my head me a seh, but who ago buy it. And one mind just seh, just start it and worry bout anything else afterwards. And so said, so done."

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Article & Photo from: The Star

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