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Mona School of Business and Management (MSBM) through the Caribbean School of Data (CSOD) in collaboration with the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce (JCC) Sameer Younis Foundation (JCC-SYF) held a virtual graduation for its second cohort of 31 persons in the Digital Skills and Advocacy Training programme on Thursday, February 3, 2022. The 12-week programme sought to provide and upgrade digital literacy and advocacy skills for young people from at-risk communities islandwide.

The CSOD is an initiative under the Centre for Excellence and Innovation at MSBM. The programme focusses on digital and data literacy, community advocacy, human rights, climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies that are being delivered by the Caribbean School of Data (CSOD) and Respect Jamaica and is funded by the US Embassy. 

The virtual launch included participation from key stakeholders including, Dr. Maurice McNaughton, Director of the Center of Innovation at Mona School of Business and Management, Mr. Ian Neita, President, Jamaica Chamber of Commerce, Ms. Alicia Lyttle, Guest Speaker and CEO of POW Social, Mr. Jason Younis, Board Member, JCC-SYF and Project Lead Ms. Cherika Wilson.