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Photo of Natalie Fowler


Congratulations to Natalie Fowler, MBA student, who was one of the five top performers in the Well Cell Project of the 2023-24 University at Buffalo’s Global Leadership Programme.  The top performers won  prizes sponsored by Well Cell Global, a pharmaceutical company based in Houston, Texas. Natalie was a member of one of the lead teams that produced the top project proposals to introduce a pharmaceutical product to their local markets.   The competition started out with 16 teams in August 2023 which included sixty five students from different parts of the world including  India, South Africa, Philippines, Ghana, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Latvia. Five students from Mona School of Business and Management (MSBM) participated. The students were challenged to adopt a critical approach to course content and to recognize the opportunities available to encourage leadership in their networks both locally and globally.

Instead of choosing one winning team, the University at Buffalo  (UB) decided to present prizes to the top performer from the winning teams and Natalie was the top performer from her team. The other top performers were from India, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Ghana. The winners were selected based on the ratings of UB administrators, Well Cell's leadership and team members..

The prize winners were announced in February 2024. In addition to a cash prize, Natalie was issued a special invitation to attend the Well Cell Global Summer conference in Houston Texas in June 2024. 

The Global Leadership Programme offered by the University at Buffalo, USA is a year-long programme. Coordinated by the School of Management at the University at Buffalo, the programme exposes students  to a myriad of global issues, in so doing, helping to broaden their vision, perspective and leadership skills. Through the programme, participants are encouraged to understand their own leadership preferences and styles while working with peers from different parts of the world.

The Global Leadership programme demonstrates a dual impact through (a) the positive impact students will see in themselves  through greater self- awareness and better understanding of the world around them  and  (b) the positive impact they  can have in their community.  In addition to the engagement of course content, students apply their learning through the direct engagement of diverse discussions and deliberations and upon completion, they receive a micro credential issued by the University at Buffalo School of Management on their Linkedin profile".

Graduate Students from MSBM have been participating in this programme for the past three years. 

MSBM is pleased to partner with the University at Buffalo School of Management and views partnerships of this nature as not only important for the development of our students but also for the strategic positioning of the School as we forge international partnerships to enhance our value proposition.