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An ambitious forecast by Phillip Paulwell, minister of science, technology, energy and mining who calculated that the energy cost to consumers could dip significantly in four years, has failed to generate support of senior technocrats who sat in a Gleaner Editors' Forum last week.

A study by the Jamaica Productivity Centre (JPC) offers evidence of the performance gap between Jamaica Public Service (JPS) power generation and other domestic power producers; ranks the JPS distribution operations among the least efficient in the region for total distribution losses, non-technical losses and reliability; and places JPS in the group with the highest electricity prices.

With Jamaicans almost uniform in their belief that the cost of energy is retarding growth in all sectors of society, The Gleaner yesterday assembled a team of experts who had contributed to the latest edition of the Mona School of Business, MSB Business Review, for an Editors' Forum to further explore the energy issues raised in the publication.

"Ideation is the creative process of collectively generating, developing, and communicating new ideas" 
MSB recently brought together a range of stakeholders from the Public sector and Civil society to attend an Ideation session to "think aloud" about common problems and challenges  and generate ideas about the potential use of new information and communication technologies in fin...

The third issue of Mona School of Business' (MSB) Business Review is out, and it is sure to instigate thought and discussion. The primary focus of this issue is energy cost in Jamaica and there are comprehensive articles that provide in-depth analysis on Jamaica's energy issues.

According to Dr. Maurice McNaughton, a director at the Centre of Excellence of the Mona School of Business, mobile financial services represent a tremendous opportunity for Jamaica's unbanked to achieve financial inclusion, and harnessing mobile devices to conduct transactions currently carried out in cash "has enormous macroeconomic potential" for Jamaica.

Dr Maurice McNaughton, director of the Centre of Excellence of the Mona School of Business and a member of Solutions for Society, told the conference that the use of mobile phones to conduct such transactions "has enormous macroeconomic potential," with implications for economic inclusion, as well as the efficiency of commerce.

KINGSTON, Jamaica - More than three out of every four Jamaicans have limited access to safe and low-cost payments channels, says US Economist Dr. Dawn Elliott.

Jamaica has a hidden problem as the majority of the population own bank accounts;

THE MONA School of Business (MSB), University of the West Indies (UWI), has announced the appointment of Minna Israel, outgoing head of RBC Royal Bank as Distinguished Business Fellow, effective March 1, 2012.

IT used to be that you put coins into phones; soon you may be able to get cash out of them. But the technology that will allow mobile money should not be tied to particular service providers, says the think tank Solutions for Society.


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