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Minister of Investment, Industry and Commerce Anthony Hylton says companies in emerging industries and others with a strong retail brand are the best candidates for initial public offerings (IPO).

JAMAICA COULD have saved over a billion dollars last year if we had been using coal. That's according to studies presented by Lincoln Bailey, Jamaica-born co-owner of Mchenga Mine in Malawi, that country's second largest coal mine. Bailey was guest speaker at the Kingston 360 Breakfast Talk Series, hosted by the Mona School of Business and the Spanish Court Hotel.

World Telecommunication and Information Society Day was May 17. This year’s theme focused on Achieving Equality in ICT for Women and Girls. The State Minister in the Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining in Jamaica, Mr Julian Robinson, was honest when he admitted to being challenged to speak on this theme.

A new report is proposing that the central bank require providers of mobile money services to do business through the banking system, to ensure there is no gap in the financial regulatory structure once the market takes off in Jamaica.

Data from the Planning Institute of Jamaica, spanning 1982 to 2010, shows that real growth of gross domestic product (GDP) averaged less than two per cent per year.

The Jamaican economy became more service-oriented with robust expansion in financial services and transportation.

Here in Jamaica, what are seeing? 38 per cent of Jamaicans use the Internet at least once per day. This, according to an islandwide survey, conducted by Professor Hopeton Dunn of the Mona School of Business's Telecommunications Policy Management Programme

As the government advanced liberalisation plans, Minister Paulwell announced the appointment of a team of experts to the board of the JPS to lead negotiations with executives of the company.

Pictures of two late University of the West Indies (UWI) professors flanked the podium at the Undercroft, UWI, Mona last week Tuesday evening, while another pair spoke about the publication honouring them which was being launched that evening.

JAMAICA could issue its first bond to its diaspora by August, say World Bank officials.

But bureaucratic red tape may hinder the move.

In the leadup to the recent Slashroots|Caribbean Opendata conference and codesprint, we had the privilege of speaking with the Hon Edward Seaga about the research efforts relating to the compilation of the Edward Seaga Database Collection - an electronic catalog of statistics and indicators relating to Jamaica's macro-economic performance over the past 50+ years that is being r...


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