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JAMAICA could issue its first bond to its diaspora by August, say World Bank officials.

But bureaucratic red tape may hinder the move.

In the leadup to the recent Slashroots|Caribbean Opendata conference and codesprint, we had the privilege of speaking with the Hon Edward Seaga about the research efforts relating to the compilation of the Edward Seaga Database Collection - an electronic catalog of statistics and indicators relating to Jamaica's macro-economic performance over the past 50+ years that is being r...

Tablet APPs

A team from the MSB - Centre of Excellence has won a technical Innovation grant from IDS Knowledge Services.  The Grant was made available through a recent Call for Proposals to use IDS' Open Application Programming Interface (API) to "design and build applications or services, that demonstrate innovative ways of combining data and information from different sources, to create new tools, applic...

A year after launching the pilot, organisers of the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) programme are ready to have it replicated in basic and primary schools across Jamaica.

But for that to happen, the programme will need an increased level of supervision and investment — the precise details for which have not yet been revealed.

Professor Evan Duggan (far right), Executive Director of the Mona School of Business, UWI, is pleased to welcome Bruce Bowen (far left), CEO, Scotiabank Jamaica Ltd/ President, Jamaica Bankers Association to the opening ceremony of the Caribbean Executive Leadership Series, under the theme: "Executive Leadership Practices for the New Era of Financial Services"

A list of ideas. A set of rules. Free access to relevant data. Twenty-four hours. These were the tools available to the software developers who competed in the recent Caribbean Open Data Conference code sprintto create web-based applications to allow access to open data in the fields of agriculture, tourism andregional trade.

An ambitious forecast by Phillip Paulwell, minister of science, technology, energy and mining who calculated that the energy cost to consumers could dip significantly in four years, has failed to generate support of senior technocrats who sat in a Gleaner Editors' Forum last week.

A study by the Jamaica Productivity Centre (JPC) offers evidence of the performance gap between Jamaica Public Service (JPS) power generation and other domestic power producers; ranks the JPS distribution operations among the least efficient in the region for total distribution losses, non-technical losses and reliability; and places JPS in the group with the highest electricity prices.

With Jamaicans almost uniform in their belief that the cost of energy is retarding growth in all sectors of society, The Gleaner yesterday assembled a team of experts who had contributed to the latest edition of the Mona School of Business, MSB Business Review, for an Editors' Forum to further explore the energy issues raised in the publication.

"Ideation is the creative process of collectively generating, developing, and communicating new ideas" 
MSB recently brought together a range of stakeholders from the Public sector and Civil society to attend an Ideation session to "think aloud" about common problems and challenges  and generate ideas about the potential use of new information and communication technologies in fin...


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