Hall of Residence Application Form (Returning Students)

Accommodation within the Halls of Residence is available for full-time students. It is very important that you answer ALL QUESTIONS. This form must be completed and submitted by March 31 of the academic year. All applications thereafter will be considered as a late application.

e.g. 876-999-9999
e.g. 876-999-9999
Choose your faculty.
Have you previously lived in a hall of residence? If yes, please state the name of the hall and the period of time you lived in hall.
Choose the name of any other hall that you have lived on. (If Applicable)
If you will be holding an official position in Hall or on the Guild of Students in the upcoming year, please state post:
Choose the hall you wish to apply to:
State the reasons for wishing to reside in hall
Co-curricular Activities
I affirm that the information furnished is true and correct and that it is my intention to make a positive contribution to life on the Block, the Hall and the University. I agree to abide by all rules and regulations and realize that failure to do so could result in expulsion from the Hall and/or other sanctions.

Hall of Residence Application Form (New)

Please note that student housing will not process this application until you have accepted an offer from The University of the West Indies, Mona Campus.

Section A
e.g. 876-999-9999
Section B
Choose the hall you wish to apply to: Please note you can only apply to ONE hall.
Choose your second (2nd) hall of choice.
Choose your third (3rd) hall of choice.
Reason for requesting accommodation in hall:
Co-corricular Involvement


Please be advised that the information provided on your application to The University will be used by the Halls of Residence to process your application:

  1. Acceptance to the University does not guarantee an assignment to a room.
  2. Application to reside in Hall does not guarantee a room.
  3. The University's regulation on conduct and policies under which housing facilities are operated must be observed at all times during the period of residence. 
  4. It is my responsibility to update my contact information.
  5. If I fail to respond to ANY correspondence from the Halls of Residence by the stated deadline my application will be canceled.

Persons who have been offered and accepted a place in a hall will only be guaranteed accommodation for a period of one academic year, provide that all terms and conditions of the Hall Agreement are adhered to. 

UWI Mona’s Faculty of Science and Technology targets "math phobia"

Teacher at blackboard doing math equation

Mathematical anxiety, also referred to as “math phobia” is a common state of mind among students who often see the subject area as overly technical. As a result, there is an urgent need to find simple ways to solve and present complicated mathematical problems. Dr. Mahesha Narayana of the Department of Mathematics in The UWI Mona’s Faculty of Science and Technology and colleagues in India are on a mission to do just that.


UWI Science: Rehabilitating Coastal Ecosystems as a way to Climate Resilience

Professor Mona Webber

In a TEDxWorthington talk, Professor Mona Webber makes it clear that that rehabilitating coastal ecosystems is one way of building climate resilience for countries like Jamaica. She shares how innovative UWI research on replanting, restoring and protecting mangroves, seagrasses, and coral reefs is helping to achieve this. Hear why a holistic approach to ‘re-greening’ the earth with special attention to our coastal resources is the way to go.


UWI scientists part of inter-disciplinary study exploring the Medical Beneficial Properties of Guinep


A University of the West Indies team of scientists and international collaborators have conducted an interdisciplinary study that found that there are potentially beneficial medicinal properties in a favorite Caribbean fruit - guinep. The study was published in the highly respected Nature Research Journal Scientific Reports.


UWI Mona's Department of Chemistry Scholarship Fund to get $1.6 m boost

Professor Dale Webber and Dr Conrad Douglas

More than $1.6m will be injected into The Department of Chemistry's Scholarship and Awards Fund following contributions from a distinguished alumnus of the Department and several companies. The contributions were made through large purchases of two special publications: The Department of Chemistry, UWI, Mona andFrom Logwood to Slowpoke: a Biography of Professor Gerald Lalor.


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