Entertainment & Cultural Enterprise Management (BA)

Programme Overview

The aim of the ECEM Program is to produce innovative industry leaders who understand the convergence of media, information technology and culture within the local and global contexts. A major focus of the programme is entrepreneurial development and innovation.

Programme Objectives

The aims of the ICS’ undergraduate programme are to:-
1. provide appropriate, relevant courses to a diverse range of students with varied qualifications and educational backgrounds;
2. provide opportunities for students to broaden and deepen their knowledge and understanding of the Caribbean and its culture.
3. create different cultural competencies for different career purposes.(e.g. graduate studies, business, entrepreneurship, teaching);
4. foster the intellectual development of students by encouraging critical analysis and independent thought;
5. sensitize students to different theoretical frameworks for the interpretation of culture and cultural texts in the region, as well as in other geographical locations;
6. produce innovative industry leaders who understand the convergence of media, information technology and culture within the local and global contexts;
7. Encourage entrepreneurial development and innovation.

Admission Requirements

Subjects at CXC General / GCE O’Level
Minimum of five (5) subjects.
Compulsory                      -       English Language
Strongly Recommended    -     Geography, a Foreign Language, Mathematics, 
                                               History, Literature
Advisable                          -      In the absence of Mathematics a Laboratory Science Subject
Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) / GCE A’Level / Other Requirements

Passes in at lest two 2-unit CAPE courses or two GCE Advanced Level subjects, one of which must be an Arts (Humanities) subject for which courses are taught at the University.

Programme Structure

The major consists of 42 credits of compulsory core courses (indicated in bold), 36 elective credits, 6 credits of Foundation Courses and 6 credits of English Language courses.
[Students who do not have at least a CSEC pass in a Foreign Language will be required to take a 3-credit foreign language course as one of their electives]

Level I

Semester 1

  • COMM1001 Communication, Culture & Caribbean Society
  • CLTR1001 Introduction to the Study of Culture
  • FOUN1012 Critical Reading and Expository Writing in the Humanities or FOUN1099 Critical Reading & Writing in the Disciplines (year long)
  • Elective
  • Elective

Semester 2

  •  COMM1121 Understanding the Media OR IMCC1010 Fundamentals of Integrated Communication Planning
  •  ACCT1003 Introduction to Cost & Managerial Accounting
  • FOUN1002 Language: Argument
  •  Elective
  •  Elective

Level II

Semester 1

  • CLTR2505 Entertainment, Media and Culture
  • CLTR2705 Music Business Management
  • FOUN1201 Science, Medicine and Technology in Society
  • Elective
  • Elective

Semester 2

  •  CLTR2605 Producing Culture: Music, Events and Festivals
  •  MGMT2003 Principles of Marketing* (Or IMCC2601 – Public      Relations Principles and Practice)
  •  FOUN1301 Law, Governance, & Society
  •  Elective
  •  Elective

 *NOTE: Students should take either MGMT2003 OR IMCC2601. Please note
IMCC2601 is offered in Semester 1.

Level III

  •  CLTR3605/AR36E ECEM Internship (Summer - end of Level 2)

Semester 1

  •  CLTR3505 The Art of Artist Management*
  •  MGMT3136 Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation
  •  Elective
  •  Elective

 Semester 2

  •  LANG3101 Business Communication: Principles and Practice
  •  CLTR3507 Culture , Gender & Sexuality in Caribbean Popular Music **
  •  CLTR3905 Caribbean Fashion: Theory, Development and Industry***
  •  Elective
  •  Elective

* CLTR3505 replaces HOSP3106- Entertainment Management
** Research-linked course required by the Faculty.
***Students who have taken CLTR2905 (AR29E) are not allowed to do this course, but may choose an elective instead. 

Careers after Graduation