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Faculty Display 2019

Date: Thursday February 7
Date Time Type Details Venue
Thursday February 7 11:00AM - 12:00PM WORKSHOP

Thesis Preparation Workshop

Overview: Guide to structuring and organizing your thesis / research paper

Facilitator: Ms. Jessica Lewis, Head: West Indies & Special Collections

Venue Description: Library Booth, Mona Research Village

Mona Research Village
Thursday February 7 11:00AM - 12:00PM TALK

The Status of Insecticide Resistance in Aedes aegypti mosquitoes in Jamaica

Overview: The emergence of novel diseases spread by the Aedes aegypti mosquito in Jamaica and the Caribbean has prompted studies on insecticide resistance towards effective management of the vector. Recent research has led to the conclusion that the mosquitoes could possibly be developing resistance. The talk will explore the research results and the importance of monitoring resistance in vector control.

Presenter: Dr. Sheena Francis

Science Lecture Theatre 3, Faculty of Science and Technology

CSI Fire Game

Overview: Fire! Delve into the world of Crime Scene Investigations (CSI). Participants will learn basic information about burn patterns and accelerants. Using a series of physical clues and deduction, determine the cause of a fire and solve the case.

Target Audience: High school students

Capacity: 15 students per group

Material Science Fire laboratory
Thursday February 7 11:00AM SCAVENGER HUNT

Science Scavenger Hunt

Overview: Involve all departments. QR Codes will be mounted at various locations around the faculty and students will have to follow the clues to move from the starting point to the end. Students will need their smartphones or tablets to download QR code reader and use it to participate in the hunt

AUDIENCE: High school students (15 students per session)

The Spine, Faculty of Science and Technology
Thursday February 7 11:00AM - 12:00PM FACULTY TOURS


Overview: Special tours offered of the state-of-the-art Faculty of Law facilities, guided by current students in the Law programme.

Faculty of Law Foyer
Thursday February 7 12:00PM - 1:00PM WORKSHOP

Nuclear Analytical Techniques

Overview: One hour workshop on the applications of X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) and gamma spectroscopy to measure radionuclides and trace elements in Jamaican foods. This will be held in the department of Physics. Researchers will discuss the health effects of radioactivity and trace elements in foods and industry standards for elemental composition in foods. The senior laboratory technologist will demonstrate the use of equipment to measure elemental composition.

The Seminar Room Department of Physics
Thursday February 7 12:00PM -1:00PM WORKSHOP

UWILINC Workshop

Overview: One-to-one training in the use of UWI’s one stop portal of print and online resources for your research.

Facilitator: Mrs. Karen Tyrell, Librarian, Science & Engineering Branch Library

Venue Description: Library Booth, Mona Research Village

Mona Research Village
Thursday February 7 12:00PM - 2:00PM LEGAL FORUM

UWI MonaLaw Students: Driving Research for Social and Economic Development

Overview: Sports law, children on the streets, family property disputes, sexual offences reform…. MonaLaw is known for producing LLB graduates but these are just a few of the areas on which its students have undertaken exciting research. Come and learn about the valuable research of MonaLaw students and its impact.

Panellists: Alexidene Fraser '18, Former MonaLaw Student; Shannique Bowden '18, Former MonaLaw Student; Isat Buchanan '15, MonaLaw Tutor, Attorney-at-Law, and Former MonaLaw student; Gabrielle Elliott-Williams '10, Lecturer, MonaLaw

Moderator: Dionne Jackson Miller, MonaLaw Tutor and PhD Law Student and Award-winning Journalist

Executive Seminar Room, Faculty of Law
Thursday February 7 12:30pM - 1:30PM LECTURE

"Scamming nah done? The Psychology of Crime and Violence in Western Jamaica."

Overview: The preceding decade has experienced a multiplicity of crime reduction strategies that have seemingly failed to meet targets in western Jamaica. The tourism hub and bourgeoning financial Mecca, the second city continues to be overshadowed by the scourge of crime and violence. The illicit gains of lottery scamming have further complicated efforts of crime reduction and players in the game range from the young to the old, rich to the poor, male and female and the uneducated to the educated. As the city has evolved so has the epigenesis of crime.

Presenter: Georgia Rose, Lecturer, Undergraduate Coordinator – Western Jamaica Campus, Department of Sociology, Psychology and Social Work

Venue Description: The Undercroft, Senate Building or will be live streamed

The Undercroft, Senate Building
Thursday February 7 1:00PM GEO TECH EVENT


Overview: The event presents a fun and educational opportunity for students to create maps and simulate reducing disaster risks and addressing public health crises. The activities will introduce and provide hands on experience for students in GIS Technology, Cartography and Geography and will expose them to career options in the Geosciences

Organizers: The Department of Geography and Geology (DOGG) and The National Spatial Data Management Division, Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation

The Computer Lab Department of Geography and Geology


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