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Job title: 
Lecturer in Educational Psychology and Applied Research



Sharline Cole, PhD   lecturer in Educational Psychology and Applied Research in the School of Education, The University of the West Indies, Mona. As a researcher Cole focuses on parenting, parental involvement, family engagement, children with special needs, psycho-social, academic and emotional wellbeing of students and educators, aggression and violence and teacher effectiveness. Dr Cole believes in motivating students to use creative techniques that accommodate the different learners, to continually improve teaching skills, and the holistic development of students

  • Cole, S.M. (2020). An Explanation of students’ cognitive and social skills at the early childhood level: The influence of family involvement. Caribbean Journal of Mixed Methods Research, 1 (1), 77-104
  • Cole, S. M. (2020) Contextualising parental involvement at the elementary level in Jamaica, International Journal of Early Years Education,  DOI: 10.1080/09669760.2020.1777844
  • Cole, S. M, (2019). Stakeholders’ perspectives of the leadership practices in an inner city school. Journal of Education and Development in the Caribbean, Vol. 18 No. 2, 56-87
  • Anderson, S. R. & Cole, S. M, (2017). The relationship between adolescent aggression, parenting style, and family structure in urban inner city Jamaica. Journal of Education and Development in the Caribbean 16 (2), 1-17
  • Cole, S. M & Anderson, S. R. (2016). Family interaction and the development of aggression in adolescents: The experiences of students and administrators.  American International Journal of Contemporary Research. 6 (4), 12-21.
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