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Mr. Darien Henry

The flexible payment option was ideal for my situation. I would highly recommend this program. Be prepared to be challenged by globally recognized and expert academicians who are rich with experiences in TVET and workforce systems best practices. Be prepared to unlearn and relearn new skills needed to lead the future workforce. Be prepared to take possession of the master key, which will unlock many opportunities and skills that are highly relevant and ground-breaking. The program is an incredible platform for developing intellectual capacity and leadership skills needed to significantly impact education and workforce systems and resources that maximize economic and social benefits

Ava-Marie Reid

Whenever I speak about my life’s fulfilling experiences, SOE does not go unmentioned. It was the year 2014 where my life changed, experientially and epistemologically. The course content and particularly the research skills garnered have made me who I am today, that of being a research officer. The physical and psycho-social environments were encouraging, warm, supportive and almost familial. When I embarked on completing my thesis, with a 2 month old baby, I would meet with my supervisor and she held my baby while I made my jottings. I was pushed, some days I felt beyond my limits, until I realized that truly we are as limited as we dictate. Upon completing my thesis and all taught courses I felt as though I was set on a launching pad for take-off. Earning the awards for academic excellence and for being the most outstanding graduate for the batch of 2016 were just icing on the cake.

Timaley Lawrence

The School of Education created an avenue for me to embark on a journey that unleashed and nurtured my zeal for providing service to others and empowering youths. The lecturers at the School of Education embodied the definition of what it means to be an educator and a facilitator. They have also been role models for me and many other students enrolled in the programme.
The School of Education played a pivotal role in helping me to fulfil my purpose and in nurturing me so that I am now able to make a difference in the lives of students and teachers I encounter while on my academic and personal journeys. It is through my role as a student of Language Education in The School of Education that I learnt that the only limits that dreams have are the ones we place on them.

Wesley Hall

The results of my experience in the School of Education have provided memories for a lifetime.  I have been equipped with the necessary skills needed for my career as an educator, within a reasonably short period of time.  With the use of innovative technology, relevant course material and experienced lecturers, I now possess the ability to make an indelible impact in my community and quite possibly - the world.”

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