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Job title: 
Lecturer - Geography/Social Studies/ Research


Research Interests: 
Climate Change Awareness
Nature and Society
Climate Change Adaptation
Andragogy of Research; Political economy of Tourism Development
Qualifications & Experience: 

Shenika McFarlane-Morris holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Geography from the University of Western Ontario and degrees (also in Geography) from the University of the West Indies, Mona. She has approximately 12 years of experience working as an Educator in the disciplines of Geography and Research Methods at the tertiary level. She currently serves as the Coordinator for the Geography and Social Studies programme in the School of Education and assists with the coordination of the Research Methods course. She also serves on the Education for Sustainable Development Working Committee for the School and the Professional Development Committee for the Mixed Methods International Research Association- Caribbean Chapter. She has been an invited reviewer for international journals such as the Professional Geographer, African Geographical Review and Fienna International Journal of Geography. She is a certified trainer and has conducted numerous Research workshops and seminars for Educators island wide.

  • McFarlane-Morris, S. (2022). “Give us Vision, Lest We Perish:” Exploring the Gaps between Environmental Goals and the Status of the Natural Environment in the Tourism Town of Falmouth, Jamaica in The Dynamics of Caribbean Tourism: Opportunities, Challenges and a Re-imagined Future Edited by Maragh, G.
  • McFarlane-Morris, S. and Dempster, M. (2020).“On the Outside Looking in, On the Inside Looking in”: Lessons on Researcher Positionality, Trust and Qualitative Research in Jamaica. Journal of Arts, Science and Technology, 13 (2), 133-146.
  • McFarlane-Morris, S. (2019). “But We Were Here First: Mass Tourism Development and Contestation over Space in Coastal Jamaica. Tourism, 67 (1), 22-33
  • McFarlane-Morris, S. (2019). “Home sweet home?” Struggles of intracultural “betweenness” of doctoral fieldwork in my home country of Jamaica. Area. 2019; 00: 1– 7.
  • McFarlane-Morris, S., Pusey, O. and Gayle, A. (2018). “Resilience and Socio-Economic Capacity of a Small Island Developing State to Cope with Climate Change: The Case of Alligator Pond, Jamaica. Middle States Geographer, 51, 67-76.
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