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Job title: 
Lecturer - Teacher Education, Research


Research Interests: 
Teacher Education
Technology Integration
Modern Language Pedagogy
Mixed Methods Research
Qualifications & Experience: 

Dr. Haynes-Brown has graduate degrees with specialized study in teacher education and teacher development. She also has a B. Ed degree in Spanish Education and teacher’s college diploma in Spanish/ Linguistics. Dr. Haynes-Brown has over 19 years of combined work experience in teaching that spans the primary, secondary and tertiary levelsShe currently serves as the Coordinator of Undergraduate Programmes in the School of Education and Coordinator of the Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) Modern Language programme. She previously served as President of the Mixed Methods International Research Association – Caribbean Chapter (MMIRA-CC).  Dr. Haynes-Brown has served as a resource person and consultant on local, regional and international professional development activities in teacher education and research. She is the author of a Ministry of Education approved Spanish resource text and she currently serves on the Modern Language Panel of the Caribbean Examinations Council.


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Haynes-Brown, T., & Fetters, M. D. (2021). Using Joint Display as an Analytic Process: An
Illustration Using Bar Graphs Joint Displays from a Mixed Methods Study of How
Beliefs Shape Secondary School Teachers’ Use of Technology. International Journal of
Qualitative Methods, Vol. 20.

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research: Innovations, benefits, and challenges for research exploring how beliefs shape
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Haynes-Brown, T. (2019). Ponte al día para Jamaica, Edición NSC.Hodder Education.

Haynes-Brown, T. (2015). Assessing the value and contribution of the e-Learning training on
teachers’ classroom practices. Caribbean Journal of Education. Vol. 36, Nos. 1&2. pp.
23 – 39.

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