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Language Education: English

We live in a dynamic language environment where many different voices can be heard. Language issues are constantly and hotly debated. We note, however, the dissatisfaction with the examination results at all levels. There is a need for dynamic teachers of English who can respond creatively to the challenges of the moment. This option is for those who either want to embark on a career in English teaching or who, after some teaching experience, are ready to reflect on what they can further offer in the classroom. We concentrate on secondary English teaching, which ranges from Grade 7/Form 1 to the CSEC level. Some of the content which forms the knowledge base of the courses can be used for CAPE teaching.  

Even though there is a strong emphasis on language, most of us came to English teaching with a strong love of literature. There is a need to encourage a similar response in our students, so the importance of literature teaching, and its challenges, is recognized in the option.


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Summer 1 (7 credits) 

EDPH5001: Overview of Foundations of Education 

EDLA5103: Literature Content & Pedagogy at the Secondary and Post-Secondary Levels  

Semester 1 - Specialisation (6 credits) 

EDLA5106: Language Use Content of the Teaching of English 

EDLA5110: Writing in the Secondary School  

Semester 2 - Specialisation (12 credits) 

EDTL6022: The Assessment of Teaching and Learning 

EDTL5001: The Internship  

EDTL5002: Enquiry into Teaching 


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