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MA Leadership In Technical And Vocational Education And Training (LTVET) And Workforce Development (WFD)

Programme Rationale

The University of the West Indies is committed to regional development through education and training. Since Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and the workforce plays critical roles in sustainable social, ecological, and economic development of any nation, it is important for the University to make this particular contribution. While graduates of TVET programmes are currently in great demand throughout the Caribbean, there is still yet no other graduate studies programme in the region geared towards developing the leadership capacity to design and manage this critical area of training and development.  Additionally, there is no online programme of this nature available at the universities in the region.

Graduates of this advanced level programme will be prepared to meet the needs of public and private sector industrial organizations, training institutions, and Ministries of Education for individuals who are capable and prepared to facilitate/provide capacity building, quality training, and leadership to monitor and guide developments in TVET and workforce preparation.


This programme is designed to achieve the following objectives:

  • To satisfy the demands of CARICOM region for new TVET leaders who can design, manage and support TVET and workforce development programmes.

  • To encourage, facilitate and guide new quality research and development activities in TVET to inform policy and workforce development. 

  • To provide a professional development track for TVET practitioners to improve their leadership capacity. 

  • To provide qualified instructional leaders with new skills and capabilities to improve the quality of existing TVET programmes and to enhance the quality and performance of TVET institutions in the region. 

  • To prepare candidates for doctoral studies in the areas of TVET and WFD.

  • To develop researchers in the field of TVET and WFD.


Criteria for Admission
  1. A first or second class degree, preferably upper second in any Science, TVET, WFD and Technology-related fields. 

  1. Professional qualification (at or above first degree or approved equivalence) in education is required. Candidates with qualifications in healthcare, social work or allied professions may be required to sit prescribed education courses. 

  1. A minimum of five years’ work experience in a technical or vocational area is normally required. 

  1. Proof of computer literacy, which includes the ability to access and use web-based information systems, and participate in online learning.


Modality & Class Times

MA in Leadership In Technical And Vocational Education And Training (LTVET) And Workforce Development (WFD) is a face-to-face programme offered in the afternoons between the hours of 4:00 to 7:00 pm. Classes are held Mondays through Fridays for all programmes. 

The programme is not offered online.




Programme Components

The components of the programme include the following menu of courses:

  • TVET & WFD Core Courses (15 Credits)

  • Applied Science  (6 Credits Minimum) 

  • Optional Courses - Electives (6 Credits)

  • Research  (9 Credits) 

  • Field experience  (3 Credits)

  • Seminar


Programme Outline

Student will be required to complete 42 credits which include a research project in order to satisfy the requirement for the Master’s Degree as follows:  Note that candidates are required to do six credits of electives and six credits of applied science courses. 

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YEAR 1 / SEMESTER 1 (Possible 12 Credits)      

Core Courses

EDTV6000: Philosophical Foundations of TVET & WFD  

EDTV6003: Management of TVET & WFD Programmes    

Applied Science

EDRS6115: Research Methods

ONE Course from the following:

EDTV6004: Designing TVET & WFD Systems

EDTV6024: Curriculum Development for TVET & WFD

YEAR 1/ SEMESTER II (Possible 10 Credits)

CORE COURSES           

EDEA6309: Leadership in Educational Admin and Training 

EDTV6002: Workforce Occupational Analysis

EDTK6903: Technology in Higher Education (Elective)

EDRS6116: Fundamentals of Data Analysis  (Applied)

SEMINAR 1: Work, Ethics & National Development    


SUMMER  (Possible 4 Credits)

EDEA6321: Educational Resources Management   (Applied)

EDTV6012: Budget Planning and Financial Management  (Applied)

SEMINAR 2: Current Issues Affecting Implementation of TVET

YEAR 2 / SEMESTER 1 (Possible 10 Credits)

CORE Course    

EDTV6005: Comparative studies of TVET & WFD in Developed and Developing Countries

EDEA6306: Planning for the Education and Training System (Elective)

EDTV6033: Structured field Experience

SEMINAR 3: Critical Issues Affecting Workforce Development

YEAR 2 / SEMESTER 2  (Possible 12 Credits)

EDRS6801: Research Project (18,000 words)

ONE course from the following:        

EDPS6013: Educational and Psychological Measurement  (Applied)

EDTV6023: Distance & Online Learning Design & Delivery (Elective)

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