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M.Ed. Educational Planning And Policy

Programme Summary

The Educational Planning and Policy programme seeks to equip participants with the requisite skills to enable them to work with countries in the Caribbean in the development and implementation of educational plans. This programme also seeks to provide participants, many of whom are expected to be educational practitioners, with the skills to undertake broad analytical studies of local, regional and global issues that impact upon the development and implementation of educational policies.


The programme will provide participants with skills to: 

  • Undertake in-depth educational needs analysis 

  • Articulate and develop policy options 

  • Undertake and facilitate planning activities at the institution; and government levels

  • Implement a coherent set of educational plans and policies 

  • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of educational plans



To be eligible for admission, applicants must have: A first or second degree from an approved institution with a GPA of 2.5 or above.

Professional teacher training as a teacher or five years of experience in a position of teaching, educational administration or working in an educational planning environment. 


Duration of Programme: Two Years
Programme Details

This programme of study consists of 36 credits and is offered by two Options A and B.

Option A is a fully taught programme while, Option B requires the completion of a research project.  Both options require students to do eighteen (18) credits in the content areas, nine (9) credits in Planning and nine (9) in Policy. Students taking either option will do a Foundation course (3 credits). Students who select Option A are required to complete nine (9) credits in research courses while Option B students are required to do six (6) credits.  Option A students are required to complete a maximum of six (6) elective credits. Students who select Option B are required to do a research project for nine (9) credits.


Modality & Class Times

M.Ed in Educational Planning And Policy programme is offered in the afternoons between the hours of 4:00 to 7:00 pm. Classes are held Mondays through Fridays for all programmes. 



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Compulsory courses

EDRS6002: Research Methods 

EDPP6510: Educational Planning and Social Development in the Caribbean**  

EDPP6502: Educational Policy in the Caribbean: Context, Process, and Politics**


Students will be required to complete both specialization courses & may elect to do one of the research courses

EDPP6504: Comparative Educational Legislations and Policies** 

EDEA6305: Educational Planning and Management 

EDRS6024: Quantitative Research in Education 


EDRS6023: Introduction to Qualitative Research


Students will be required to complete both courses

EDPH6001: Philosophy of Education for the Caribbean**

EDPP6506: Educational Planning Methods – Concepts and Applications**


Students will be required to complete the specialization courses or do all three courses, depending on their chosen Alternative &/ or credits to date &  remaining specialization courses

EDRS6003: Mixed Methods Research in Education

EDPP 6501: Policy Development,  Implementation and Evaluation** 

EDPP6509: Programme Monitoring and Evaluation in Education 

ONE Elective ( Track A students only)


Students will be required to complete the compulsory course and choose one of the other two courses depending on their credit accumulation and their chosen research alternative (A or B)

EDPP6514: Education Economics **  

EDRS6023: Introduction to Qualitative Research

EDPP 6511: Planning for Higher Education Management

EDRS 6004: Applied Research in Education  

ELECTIVES: Alternative A students may elect to do any these courses

EDEA6902:Introduction to Higher Education Administration  

EDPP6512: Organizational Assessment and Evaluation 

EDPP6513: Strategies for Funding Tertiary Education 

SBCO 6110: Financial Management and Accounting

SBC0 6310: Transformational Leadership

SBHR6030   -  Organizational Development and Change 

ED67J/EDHE6710  -  Seminar on Issues in the Caribbean

EDTV6000 – Philosophical Foundations of TVET and WFD

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