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M.Phil. and Ph.D.


This is a research degree that may be terminal, but it is also the normal route to the PhD programme. It gives students the opportunity to demonstrate knowledge of research methodologies and a capacity for independent research. A thesis is required. Also, students are required to pursue at least two courses (six credits) and to present at least two research seminars.


This is awarded solely on the basis of a thesis that should be a record of independent research into an original problem, or an original approach to a problem previously studied.  An oral examination of the thesis is required. During the programme, students are required to pursue at least three courses and to present at least three research seminars.  For an upgrade of registration from an MPhil to the PhD, a candidate must prepare a proposal (one hundred pages) for presentation at an upgrade seminar.  If the proposal and seminar are judged to be acceptable, a recommendation for upgrading of registration to the PhD is made.   

 Students are required to register every year until the thesis examination is completed. They are responsible for keeping in touch with their supervisors and maintaining a satisfactory rate of progress. Students who fail to do so will be recommended for removal from the register of graduate students.  

Maximum Period for Registration

  • MPhil Full-time  - 3 years;   Part-time  - 5 years

  • PhD Full-time  - 5 years;   Part-time  - 7 years

In an effort to create in the School of Education a stronger sense of community amongst our learners, and also in an effort to nurture the growth of a pool of researchers, the following are required: 

  1. All MPhil students are to present TWO seminars before their upgrade and the period for presentation of their upgrades will be strictly observed. 

  1. All PhD students are to present at least THREE seminars during the time that they read for the doctorate. Students who exceed the time limit will be required to present a seminar for each additional year that they are registered. 

  1. Each MPhil and PhD student is to attend at least THREE seminars (other than the one which he/she presents)/workshops/ conference organised by the School of Education per semester. 

  1. Each MPhil and PhD student is encouraged to attend at least ONE seminar or conference or workshop per academic year, organised outside the School of Education. The activity can be held in any Faculty in the UWI and can include a conference attended outside of Jamaica. 

  1. Each MPhil student is required to do two courses for credit before his /her upgrade, but is encouraged to audit a third for his/her general education. 

  1. Students admitted directly into the PhD must do nine credits and are encouraged to audit another course for their general education.



Each MPhil and PhD student is to submit a portfolio of activities and work done for the semester by the end of each semester. Supervisors will be guided by these portfolios in making their biannual reports on their supervisees. The portfolios should contain: a summary of research done, seminars, conferences, workshops attended and a reflective self-assessment of progress and supervision. 

The portfolio should be no more than five (5) pages in length.  

Dates for Submission

  • Semester I:    December 

  • Semester II:   April


The specialisations for the MPhil & PhD programmes are: 

  • Curriculum and Instruction 

  • Education
  • Educational Administration

  • Educational Measurement

  • Educational Psychology

  • Language Education

  • Literacy Studies

  • Mathematics Education

  • Science Education

  • Teacher Education and Teacher Development

  • Leadership in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and Workforce Development (WFD) 


Thesis Course (MPhil & PhD): RETH9002

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