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Programme Listings


Programme Coordinators

Curriculum and Instruction (Blended)***

Dr. Carmel Roofe – Senior Lecturer

Early Childhood Education (Pedagogy) (Blended)

Dr. Zoyah Kinkead-Clark – Senior Lecturer

Education for Sustainable Development , Global Citizenship and Peace (F2F Only)

Dr. Therese Ferguson-Murray – Lecturer 

Educational Leadership and Management (Blended)

Educational Administration (F2F & Online)***

Dr. Canute Thompson – Senior Lecturer

Educational Measurement (F2F & Online)***

Dr. Deon Edwards-Kerr – Senior Lecturer

Educational Psychology (F2F)

Dr. Sharline Cole – Lecturer

Higher Education Management (Blended)

Dr. Saran Stewart – Senior Lecturer

Inclusive and Special Education (Blended)

Dr. Joan Ernandez – Lecturer

Language Education (F2F Only)***

Dr. Paulette Feraria – Lecturer 

Literacy Education (F2F Only)

Dr. Yewande Lewis-Fokum – Lecturer

Master of Arts in Teaching (Part I – F2F & Online; and Part II – F2F)

Dr. Sharon Bramwell-Lalor – Lecturer 

Mathematics Education (F2F Only)***

Dr. Lois George – Lecturer

Science Education (F2F Only)***

Dr. Aldrin Sweeney – Senior Lecturer

Teacher Education and Teacher Development (F2F & Online)***

Dr. Carol Hordatt-Gentles – Senior Lecturer

TVET and Work force Development (Blended)

Professor Halden Morris 

***MPhil & PhD Programmes in Education (F2F and Online)

Dr. Schontal Moore – Lecturer 

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