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Social Studies / Geography Education

Overview of Option

This option is designed both for participants who are preparing to teach Geography as well as for those preparing to teach Social Studies. The latter is interdisciplinary in nature, consisting of combinations of subjects such as geography, history, social anthropology, and economics to name a few. The teaching of social studies enables students to acquire the skills, knowledge, attitudes and values necessary for good citizenship. The courses expose students to a variety of skills such as enquiry and communication skills, critical thinking and decision-making skills as well as a range of enquiry learning strategies. Geographical skills which are also important for the teachers of Social Studies are also introduced. Students also acquire competence in procedures necessary for unit and lesson planning and for developing learning activities. 

The use of the enquiry approach is emphasized. Research, an important component of the course, enables students to acquire the skills of content research, also the selection and organization of material. Seminars, field trips, mini-investigations and community surveys are important aspects of this option. 

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Summer 1 (7 credits) 

EDPH5001: Overview of Foundations of Education 

EDSS5902: Enquiry Methods in Teaching Social Studies / Geography  

Semester 1 - Specialisation (6 credits) 

EDGE5911: Teaching Geography in the Caribbean Classroom 

EDGE5920: Teaching Geography in the Caribbean Classroom  

Semester 2 - Specialisation (12 credits) 

EDTL6022: The Assessment of Teaching and Learning 

EDTL5001: The Internship  

EDTL5002: Enquiry into Teaching 

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