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Job title: 
Assistant Lecturer – Information Technology and Computer Science Education
(876) 935-8471


Research Interests: 
Teaching Problem-Solving and Programming at the Secondary level
PCK in Secondary School Information Technology Teachers
Coding at the Early Childhood Level
Qualifications & Experience: 

Ms. Camille Berry has a Masters of Arts in Digital Technologies, Communication and Education from the University of Manchester, England. She completed her first degree and her teacher certification at the University of the West Indies. She is the current coordinator of the Bachelor of Education in Computer Science, Information Technology and Information and Communication Technology degree programmes. She has worked in the field of Education for seventeen (17) years and has taught in Jamaica and the Turks and Caicos Islands, at all levels of the education system. Ms. Berry assisted in coordinating the UNESCO/BlackBoard Caribbean Small Island Development States (SIDS) Upskilling Initiative in Online Teaching and Learning which trained over 12000teachers from 20 different countries and over 2500 teachers receiving certification. Camille is a BlackBoard Certified Master Trainer who is currently completing her PhD in Education. Her thesis is entitled:Investigating the teaching of problem solving and programming at the CSEC Level of Secondary Schools: A Design-Based Approach.  


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Ison, M., Kinkead-Clark, Z., Berry, C (2019). Reconceptualizing and Infusing STEM in the Early Childhood Jamaican Classroom. Journal of Education and Development in the Caribbean (JEDIC) ,18(1), p. 1-20.

Moore, S. and Berry, C. (2021, December) Online Delivery as the New Frontier: Expectations, the Embrace of Excellence, and the Experiences of UNESCO’s “Education Response to COVID-19 Strategies for Distance Education and Training in the Caribbean SIDS” Project. CCEP Newsletter.

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