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Job title: 
Director, CCEP, Senior Lecturer in Educational Planning and Policy with Leadership


Director, CCEP,

Dr. Canute Thompson is a Senior Lecturer in Educational Policy, Planning, and Leadership and Head of the Caribbean Centre for Educational Planning at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus.  He is a leadership coach and certified management consultant who has spearheaded the founding of the Caribbean Leadership Re-ImaginationInitiativeand the Caribbean Centre for Educational Planning.  He is author of seven books. Among them are: 

  • Education and Development: Policy Priorities for Jamaica and the Caribbean (2020)
  • A 2020 co-authored monograph, An Exploration of Philosophical Assumptions that inform Educational Policy in Jamaica
  • Reimagining Educational Leadership in the Caribbean (2019)
  • Reflections on Leadership and Governance in Jamaica: Towards a Better Society (2018)
  • Locating the Epicentre of Effective Educational Leadership in the 21st Century (2015). 

Dr. Thompson is a social activist and public intellectual who believes the role of an academic is inherently that of a social change agent.  In his expression of this role, he serves as a newspaper columnist and guest on current affairs programmes on radio and television where he addresses issues related to the attainment of a better society. He also operates a personal website: 

Dr. Thompson advocates the leadership pedagogy and philosophy of reimagination which he first articulated in his 2013 book, Leadership Re-imagination: A Primer of Principles and Practices.  He has revisited and re-interpreted the ideas in this book in his upcoming 2022 publication Reimaginative Leadership: Principles and Paradigms for 21st Century Leaders.

Dr. Thompson’s work has been recognized by his peers and he has received several awards including:

(1) 2021: Finalist: Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Excellence – All-round Outstanding Performance
(2) 2020: Principal’s Award: Best Publication – Book Category
(3) 2020: Principal’s Award: Most Outstanding Researcher
(4) 2019: Principal’s Award: Best Publication – Article Category
(5) 2008: Most Outstanding Thesis for Academic Year: School of Education, UWI
(6) 2008: High Commendation for Ph.D. Dissertation

Research Interests: 
Improving educational outcomes
leadership development
Qualifications & Experience: 

Dr. Thompson has a PhD in Educational Administration and Leadership, a Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies as well as graduate and undergraduate degrees in Theology and Ethics. Dr. Thompson is a Certified Management Consultant and has worked in several ministries of government including Education, Health, Social Development, and National Security.  He also served in the private sector in areas such as Employee Relations, Industrial Relations, and Training.  He provides consultancy services is the aforementioned areas as well as in Curriculum Development, Governance, Strategic Planning, and Project Management. In his current role in the School of Education he chairs the Business Development Committee and is leading the establishment of the Caribbean Centre for Educational Planning. His major contributions include: Successfully negotiating a £25M conditional grant from the United Kingdom for the modernization of Jamaica’s Correctional Services (2015) Project Manager for the merger of the Jamaica Constabulary Force and the Island Special Constabulary Force (2014) Co-Founder of the Caribbean Leadership Re-Imagination Initiative at the Mona School of Business and Management (2013) Founding Chair of the Jamaica Research and Education Network (2012)

  • Thompson, C. S. (2015). Locating the epicentre of effective (educational) leadership in the 21st century.  Kingston: Jamaica.  The Caribbean Leadership Re-Imagination Initiative
  • (2013). Leadership re-Imagination: A primer of principles and practices.  Kingston: Jamaica.  The Caribbean Leadership Re-Imagination Initiative
  • (2012)  “Towards a new culture of consultation in which ideas flourish”: Mona Business Review 14, December

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