The UWI Mona Anti-Violence Guinness World Record Attempt

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The University of the West Indies, Mona Campus has always been a strong proponent of Non-Violence, and always aims, to spread this message amongst our students, staff and members of the surrounding communities in impactful ways.

The date of October 2, is observed annually as The United Nations' (UN) International Day of Non-Violence as a celebration of the birthday of renowned Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi.

To highlight the observance this year, The UWI, Mona Campus plans on staging an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for "the longest chain of persons clasping (holding) wrists" as an international gesture to raise awareness for the observance of this date, October 2, 2014.

UWI World Record Attempt FAQ

  1. Why is UWI attempting a Guinness World Record?

    This gesture is a part of our “Think, World Class” campaign. We are committed to creating positive, inspiring, International-grade, engagement activities for our community as well as to help to raise awareness for this international cause.

  2. How do you clasp wrists?

    This a very specific way of joining two hands together by interlocking opposing palm and wrists

  3. Why do person have to sign up online?

    The online registration process is mandatory for 3 reasons:

    1. It is a requirement of Guinness World Records to be able to validate the number of persons that participated in the attempt.
    2. To manage the number of participation due to space constraints.
    3. To be able to track which group (Hall/Faculty /Commuting Students, Staff or Alumni) was able to rally the most support and receive the title of ‘Biggest supporter of UWI’s Guinness World Record’ along with surprises.
  4. Can persons show up on the day and participate?

    Unfortunately, for reasons stated above we cannot allow persons to participate without first registering or reserving a spot in the attempt.

  5. What should be expected on the date of October 2, 2014?

    On October 2, there will be an Anti-violence Parade starting at the Taylor Hall Natural Lawns at 1:00pm that will lead persons along the Ring Road and down to the UWI Mona Bowl. While at the Bowl persons will be invited to sample refreshments from our partners and more importantly collect their Attempt Packages.

  6. Where exactly is the attempt being held?

    The UWI Mona Bowl Cricket Pitch

  7. Why is the Anti-violence Parade at 1:00 PM and the attempt at 4:00 PM?

    This was done to allow persons to actively participate in the Anti-violence Parade and allow time for collection of Attempt Packages andall queries to be resolved before the attempt.

  8. What happens after the attempt is made?

    A mini concert with performances from various campus talents.