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The Cashiering Section provides services to students, staff and suppliers of goods and services between 9.00am – 3.00pm daily.


Our Services include:

  • Collecting tuition fees.
  • Receiving and processing lodgments.
  • Distributing cheques.
  • Selling staff bus tickets on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.


Current Procedures for Processing Lodgements

1.  Deposits from departments should be made at the cashier within 48 hours (see form attached).

2.  Lodgments must be supported by a letter/memorandum stating :

  • Cheque number and date of the cheque.
  • The fund, organization, account, and program of the account to be credited.

3. All cheques must be made payable to the University of the West Indies 

4.  If cheques are paid to a department/project, the back of the cheques must bear the department/project stamp or be signed by a signatory to the bank account.


What You Can Do to Get Faster Service

  1. Your Cash lodgments should show a breakdown of the notes by denomination e.g.. 20 x 500 = $10,000.00.
  2. Cash will be checked in the presence of the department representative and the Bursary Cashier. Therefore the person making the lodgement should join the line at the Cashier.
  3. Lodgements in excess of $40,000 should be made at the bank and copies of the lodgment slips sent to the Bank Reconciliation Unit the following day. Arrangements are to be made with the respective departments e.g. Health Centre.
  4. Departments should keep a record of cheques collected to avoid/ reduce time used for research by the Cashiering Unit.


Current Procedures for Collecting Cheques

  1. Staff must present his/her staff identification card.
  2. Vendor’s representative must present either:
  • Company identification card or
  • A letter from the Company along with another form of identification.

What You Should Do to Get Your Cheques Quickly

  1. Department representatives should have the correct information such as cheque date, number and name of payee.
  2. If a large number of cheques are to be collected, send a list to the Cashier at least one day before  the collection date with relevant information stated at (1) above.
  3. Request the relevant information from the Bursary’s Customer Service Unit if your Departments doesn’t have access to Banner Finance.