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Our Objective:

Securing and maintaining property, motor vehicle and casualty insurance coverage to meet the requirements of the University.

Our Insurance Services:

In terms of insurance, our services include:

  • Ensuring that assets and risks are adequately insured.
  • Collecting and submitting claims arising from accidents which occur on any Campus property or which involves University owned assets.

What you can do to get better service

  • Report all Departmental vehicle accidents to us as soon as possible.
  • Use of e-mail is acceptable pending receipt of the claim form.
  • Download Claim forms from the Bursary‚Äôs website or collect form from the Bursary unit.
  • Report all employee liability claims to Your Department Head, and send the relevant claim form to the Bursary.
  • Collect new insurance certificates by July 31st each year.
  • Submit list of items purchased by the department that require insurance coverage


Procedure for Reporting a Motor Vehicle Accident 

  1. Report the matter to the Head of Department.
  2. Document the cause(s) and the details of the accident.
  3. The driver of the motor vehicle must:  - Write down the license number of the vehicle (s)   involved in the accident, insurance and   his/her license information,

      - Get the name and address of the driver of the   other vehicle, name and address of the owner of the vehicle.

      -  Report the accident at the nearest police station.

    Tip:  It is best if both drivers visit the police station at the same time to give their reports. 

  4. Collect claim form from the Insurance Unit.
  5. Complete and return claim form to the Unit. Form must be signed by the Head of Department and the driver.
  6. Send in Claims within 20 days after the date of the accident.


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