Payroll - Frequently asked questions

1. Are all allowances taxable?

Yes. With the exception of Travelling, Commuted Taxi, Research Materials, Marking of Scripts & Invigilation.


2. Why are Off-Cycle payments done in the Payroll Section?

 Off-cycle payments are done to facilitate persons who were not paid a salary on the On-Cycle Payroll and also to facilitate staff who are experiencing other emergencies. 


3.How often can an employee get a salary advance?

 Each employee is entitled to salary advance three times per year. A request for advance should not be more than 50% of the Net salary. (Subject to availability of funds. Each advance is recovered at the end of the month.

4.What is a P24?

P24 is a certificate issued at the end of each calendar year which shows the total earnings and statutory deductions for the period.


5.What is a P45?

 A P45 is a certificate given to employees who have left the institution (i.e. resignation or end of contract) during the income tax year.


6. What is a P46?

P46 is a form that is given to employees (New) who joined the Institution without presenting a P45.


7. Can an employee terminate a salary deduction.

 Salary deductions to banks, credit unions, and mortgage institutions are irrevocable. However deductions to other institutions e.g. insurance companies can be terminated by an employee.


8.Wiil I get my salary paid to me prior to going on leave?

 All staff members should request their leave pay prior to going on leave as Some staff do not want a lump sum payment prior to going on leave.