Purchases - Customs Processes

Having made contact with the overseas supplier, and having
forwarded the purchase order or prepaid cheque to them,
they normally contact the department to advise them when
the shipment will be sent.

The supplier normally sends/ faxes the airway bill or bill
of lading along with the invoice to the department
As soon as it is received, this
information should be passed on to the Purchases Unit to initiate
the clearance process. The documents or information about
the shipment are passed to the University's brokers. 
Goods are cleared in two categories:
  • those above US$1000.00
  • and those below.
If goods being received are below
US$1000.00, the entry for clearance is prepared within the
Unit on a C79 customs entry form. These items are usually
cleared and delivered within three days. 
If however goods being cleared
are above US$1000.00, the customs entry form to be prepared
is a C78 and must be prepared by the broker. The C78 is lodged
at the customs house for approval. 
When approved, it is taken to the Purchases Unit to be
stamped and signed for the University’s exemption.
A Delivery Slip is also attached
to each entry form being cleared, for internal tracking purpose.
A copy of the delivery slip is sent to the department acknowledging
that clearance is in progress. 
When goods are cleared at the
customs house, they are delivered to the department where
they are signed for on the delivery slip. 
The broker, through the Purchases
Unit, then bills the department. 
Goods entering the country that
require a permit should have that permit prepared before they
arrive in the country. Departments will be charged by customs
for all breaches.
At present no listing is available
for goods that require permits but these usually include all
or most drugs and chemicals. Contact the University’s
brokers or the Purchases Unit to confirm if a permit is required
prior to importation. 
For exportation of goods, arrangement
is made with the broker for collection of items to be
exported. The broker through the Purchases unit again
bills departments. Items being exported for re-importation
should be accompanied by custom form C43 (Permit to Export
Goods for Subsequent Reimportation).