Purchases - Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for my purchase order (PO) to be ready?

All orders are ready within three working days of the requisition reaching the Unit

Can I get the goods or services before the order has been received?

All transactions carried out without a purchase order committed in the Bursary will not be honored by the University

What is the process in the event of an emergency?

You are requested to contact the Unit Manager and inform her of the emergency and the necessary steps will be taken to ensure that the service or goods are delivered within the required time

Can a supplier deliver goods without a purchase order?

Yes. Suppliers can deliver goods on the purchase order number, but this number must be obtained from the Bursary. If fictitious numbers or purchase requisitions numbers are given to the suppliers the invoices will not be paid

What is the process for using a new Vendor who is not on the University’s Vendor List?

All requests for a new vendor must be made in writing to the Unit head along with information about the company of choice, i.e.
Proof of Registration and
justification for selecting the vendor

How will I know when my purchase order is completed?

As indicated above, all orders are completed within three working days of the PR arriving in Purchases.

In addition, you can check the query screen in Banner FPIPURR and the purchase order will be available one day after the printed date.
How will I know if my request for a prepayment has been approved?

Contact the Purchases unit

How will I know that my goods are being cleared by the brokers?

Purchases will send copies of the customs documents along with the pink copy of the delivery slip to the department as proof that the broker is in the process of clearing and delivering the goods