Name Year Degree Title
Parker, Stacy-Ann Joy 2016 PhD

Prenylated benzophenone derivatives from Clusia and Garcinia species of Jamaica

Campbell, Theresa Fenona 2016 PhD

Phytochemistry and biological activity of Rubus rosifolius and an associated red raspberry variety

Wilson, Rosemarie Patrecia 2015 PhD

Remote sensing of Jamaica’s coastal water quality : an initial investigation in Kingston Harbour

James, Nykieta Annmarie 2015 PhD

The study of some volatile organic compounds : their residual levels in water and abiotic transformation

Stephenson, Norda Simone 2015 PhD

Developing Critical Thinkers in Introductory Chemistry : The Science Writing Workshop Technique (SWWT) Experience

Small, Henry Anthony 2015 M. Phil

Air dispersion modelling in urban and rural Jamaica : three case studies

Johnson, Toni Andrea 2015 M. Phil

Oxidation of steroidal substrates via the Baeyer-Villiger and Petrow reactions

Campbell, Francine Stephanie 2015 PhD

Nutrient assimilation capacity of the Black River Upper Morass: An integrated water quality management (IWQM) approach

Gayle, Antoinette M. 2013 M. Phil

Varietal Impact on the Quality of Jamaican Coffee (Coffea arabica L.)

Fearon, Denton Keith 2013 PhD

The Chemistry of Fungal Endosymbiont

Nelson, Peter 2013 PhD

Molecular Packing, Lattice Structures and Thermotropic Phase Behaviours for a Homologous Series of Silver(I), Sodium(I) and Potassium(I) n-alkanoates

Green, Kerry-Ann 2013 PhD

N-Heterocyclic carbenes:Synthesis, Characterization and Application to some Palladium Catalyzed Coupling Reactions

Thompson, Monique N. 2013 M. Phil

The Isolation and Biological Activity of Secondary Metabolites from the Jamaican Sponges Neofibularia nolitangere, lotrochota and Amphimedon compressa

Barrett, Oscene V. 2013 PhD

Cyclization of Thiocarbonyls En Route to Five-membered Heterocyclic Systems

Watson, Charah 2012 PhD
Dundee, Safiyyah J. S. 2012 M. Phil

Hypoglycin: Partitioning in Canned Ackee and Relationship with Seed Size

Haley, Sophia L. 2012 M. Phil

The Catalytic Dechlorination of Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) in Alkaline 2-propanol and PCB Levels in Urban Water Samples

Henry, Khadeen E. 2012 M. Phil
Hooper, Sharon D. 2012 M. Phil

Antioxidant Activity of Phaseolus vulgaris and Vigna unguiculata

Samuels, Jevon Clive 2012 M. Phil

Syntheses, analyses and reactivities of some mononuclear and binuclear molybdenum(V) complexes : potential model complexes for molybdenum-containing enzymes

Bremmer, Dwyte N. 2011 M. Phil

Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Jamaican Jerk Meats

Green, Orville C. A. 2011 PhD

Syntheses, Characterization and Molecular Sensng Behaviour of a Variety of di-2-pyrdyl Ketone Hydrazone derivatives

Higgins, Roxanne C. 2011 M. Phil

Synthesis and Reactions of Tetrahydroquinolines

Brown, Ainka 2011 PhD

Synthetic Studies towards Conformatically Restricted Analogues of Caracasanamide

Dawkins, Tanneika 2011 PhD

Metal-metal Interactions, Luminescence and Molecular Architecture in Novel Lanthanide(III) Discrete Dinuclear Complexes and Coordination Polymers

Lawerence, Mark 2011 PhD

Some Oxo-centred Trinuclear Transition Metal Complexes - Mechanism of Acid Catalyzed Hydrolysis and Electron Transfer Reaction in Aqueous L-ascorbic Acid

Richards, Mark 2011 PhD

Development and Use of Passive Monitors for Air Pollution Assessment

Bucknor, Alicia 2011 M. Phil
Rashida, Chan 2011 M. Phil

The Development and Use of Passive Monitors to Determine the Atmospheric Concentrations of Carbon monoxide, Nitrogen dioxide and Ozone in Kingston, Jamaica

Phillips, Nadya-Kaye 2011 M. Phil

Microbial Transformation Reactions of Steriods and Sesquiterpenes