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List of Theses Produced with the Department

Rashida, Chan 2011 MPhil The Development and Use of Passive Monitors to Determine the Atmospheric Concentrations of Carbon monoxide, Nitrogen dioxide and Ozone in Kingston, Jamaica
Phillips, Nadya-Kaye 2011 MPhil Microbial Transformation Reactions of Steriods and Sesquiterpenes
Reid, Raymond 2011 Phd The Fate of Five Selected Pesticides in a Tropical Environment
Clare, Paul A. 2010 MPhil Chemical and Biological Transformation of Stemodane Terpenes
Walters, Craig 2010 MPhil Chemistry in a Virtual World
Morris, Andrew Lloyd Christopher 2010 Phd Synthetic Approaches to Azarotenoids
Simms, Katie-Ann T. 2009 MPhil A New Approach to the Synthesis of 2-Amino-4-Vinylthiazoles
Bent, Grace-Ann 2009 Phd Acrylamide - Studies of Residual Levels in Caribbean Foods and its Mechanism of Interaction with Common Body Fluid Constituents
Biggs, Duanne Andrée Clayton 2008 Phd Isolation and characterization of Phytochemicals from Three Folklore Medicinal Plants
Grant, Julie-Ann Alicia 2008 Phd Synthesis, Pharmacological Studies and Molecular Modeling of some 1,3-Diazepinium Chlorides
McCook, Kayanne P. 2008 Phd Transformation Reactions by Exophiala jeanselmei var. Lecanii-corni and Cyathus africanus
Hoshing, Fiona 2008 MPhil Chemistry of Piper discolor and Cinnamodendron Species of Jamaica
Junor, Grace-Ann 2008 MPhil Seasonal Variation of the Chemical Composition of Essential Oils from Bursera lunanii B. simaruba, B. aromatica and B. hollickii and their Biological Activities
Taylor, Richard 2008 Phd The Room Temperature Molecular and Lattice Structures and Thermotropic Phase Transition Behaviour of a Homologous Series of Anhydrous Zinc(II) n-alkanoates
Peart, Patrice Celeste 2008 Phd The Transformation of Steroids By Immobilized Fungal Cells
Russell, Floyd Alexander 2008 Phd Partial Synthesis of Novel Stemodanes and Transformation of Steroids by Thielaviopsis paradoxa
Harewood, Gabriel 2007 Phd Synthesis, Characterisation and Structure Elucidation of Some Salicylaldimine-based Ligands and their Corresponding Metal Complexes
Downer-Riley, Nadale K. 2007 Phd Approaches to the Synthesis of Thiazolo and Thiazino Pyridoacridines: Elucidating the Mechanism of Thiobenzamide Cyclisations
White, Nicole A. 2007 Phd Room Temperature Structures and Thermal Behaviour of a Homologous Series of Lithium n-Alkanoates
Anderson, Chadwick 2006 Phd Natural Products from Endemic Jatropha and Psychotra Species and Studies of Alkylation-Dealkoxycarbonylation of Dimethylmalonate Esters by Alkylammonium Salts
Bowen-Forbes, Camille 2006 Phd Evaluation of Hypoglycins A and B Content and the Phytochemistry of Blighia sapida
Gordon-Smith, Debbie-Ann D. 2006 Phd A Study of the Groundwater Nutrent Fluxes to the Small Tropical Embayment, Discovery Bay, Jamaica
McKenzie, Shelley P 2006 Phd Combinatorial Synthesis of Novel Polynuclear Rare Earth Schiff's Base Complexes and their Luminescence Properties
Shields, Mario 2006 MPhil The Effects of Jamaican Medicinal Plants on the Activities of Cytochrome P450 Enzymes
Jackson, Shirlene 2006 MPhil Roots Metabolites and Leaf Oils of Jamaican Amyris Species
Gyles, Colin A. 2005 Phd Development of Polypyridyl - like Molecular Sensors
Haase, Danniebelle Nickesha 2005 MPhil The Chemistry of Garcinia humilis and Clusia flava
Lui-Lym, Sirrah Shu Ling , Jane 2005 Phd Mechanistic Studies of Stepwise Reductions of The Di-u-cyano-Bis[tetracyanoferrate(III)] ion in Aqueous Solution
Richards-Johnson, Roxan U 2005 Phd Novel Hexanuclear Lanthanide (III) Nanoclusters: Syntheses, Structures and Electronic Behaviour
Simpson, Denise S. 2005 Phd Alkaloids Oxasqualenoids, Quassinoids and Protolimonoids from Castela, Esenbeckia and Spathelia
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