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PhD in Computer Science

The Ph.D. degree in Computer Science is a research degree which is awarded on the basis of original research culminating in a dissertation. The research areas available at UWI-Mona include:

  • Amorphous Computing
  • Software Engineering
  • Virtual Reality

Applications and Admission

Entry Requirements

Applicants must have an MPhil or an MSc degree in Computer Science.
NB: Acceptance is subject to the availability of a supervisor within the department.

Research Proposal

Students are not assigned to pre-specified projects. They are expected to propose an area or topic and will only be accepted if an appropriate and willing supervisor is available. Applicants should therefore prepare a statement of proposed research indicating their intended topic and research strategy. This should:

  • show an understanding of existing work in the field
  • identify an area for new work
  • have concrete goals and deliverables for the first year, and
  • indicate that you know how to achieve them.

Length of Programme

Minimum of three academic years

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