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Research Students

Title Degree Programme Research Group Research Topic
Mr. Anthony Drummonds M.Phil Computer Networking Malware detection in the IoT
Mr. Ainsley Bleary M.Phil Simulation and Visualization Computer Animation
Mr. Marc Murray M.Phil C.I.F.E.R Group The creation of a business readable formal software specification
Mr. Mathew Ormsby PhD C.I.F.E.R Group The creation of a process to standardise the agreement of when a user story is considered complete in agile development
Mr. Matthew Stone M.Phil K.D.I.S Group Reinforcement Learning
Mr. Seaford Bacchas M.Phil Parallel computing Distributed Parallel Application on Big Data
Mr. Alton Bodley PhD K.D.I.S Group DSS and Data Science
Ms. Dominique Delahaye M.Phil Computer Networking Security and Software Defined Networks
Mr. Sean T. Miller PhD C.I.F.E.R Group Machine Learning
Mr. Eyton Ferguson PhD Software Engineering Software Component Certification


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