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Seminar Series Time Table Semester I 2017/2018


Date Presenter Name Supervisor Name (If Student) Tittle Abstract/ Description
September 20 Dr. Trevor Lane (Pre-recorded Webinar) N/A How to peer Review a paper September 11-15 was peer review week. I particpated in two webinars on peer review and sought permission to share recordings in our departmental seminars. I thought they were extremely useful - quite concise yet packed with very valuable guidance. We will all (if we are publishing) be called upon eventually to provide a peer review at some point. We may be asked to sit on an editorial committee, or to join a panel of reviews for a journal. The journal may be prestigious or an up and coming newer journal - but in either case the quality of the peer reviews we provide - will impact on our professional development. Also important is the fact that participating in the peer review process also builds our paper writing writing skills and also helps us keep up with ideas that may be very new in our field. In his presentation Dr. Lane provides very useful guidelines about how to actually conduct a peer review and indirectly gives very good insights into how good journals review papers and what they are often looking for. The presentation also gives some guidelines about recognising predatory journals. Let's watch this video together and share ideas and feedback for a few minutes. The video is about 40 minutes long.
September 27 Dr Trevor Lane (Pre-recorded Webinar) N/A How to write the Peer Review This is part 2 of the previous week's session. It covers many details of exactly how to present the peer review. There are several points about "What to Do" and "What not to Do" when you are writing the peer review. The practice of peer review groups is discussed and presents an opportunity for us to become excellent at peer reviewing prior to even being asked to do one. The presentation highlights as well as how to write a review that is constructive and beneficial to the authors and journal and how to handle sensitive issues such as plagiarism. Again this presentation holds many insights into how to actually prepare your manuscripts for submission.
October 4 Dr. Paul Gaynor N/A TDB TDB
October 11        
October 18        
October 25  Althea Gordon  Senior Assitant Registrar  International Opportunities for Research Collaboration & Funding This presentation will be facilitated by the International Students Office. It should provide information on the opportunities that exist to fund and support collaborations with universities and institutes internationally. 
November 1  


November 8        
November 15        
November 22  
November 29  Ilenius Ildephonce  Dr. Ezra Mugisa

Dr. Claudine Allen

 A practical model for serious game development  TBA
December 6 Claudine Allen et. al.  N/A Demo and hardover of Software to DoC Students of the course COMP6110 which was offered in Summer 2017 tackled three ongoing operational challenges of the department of computing as their course project. Through consultations with the relavant stakeholders in the department they produced three pieces of software that we eventually intend to integrate into one portal. During this presentation the solutions will be discussed and demonstrated and the systems offically handed over to the department for use. Future work will also be discussed.


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