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Course Title: 
Object Technology
Educational Level: 
Semester offered: 
Associated Programme: 
B.Sc. CS
Core Course: 
  • Fundamentals of Object Orientation, Abstraction, Encapsulation, Information hiding, Coupling, Cohesion, Law of Demeter.
  • Identifying Classes: Domain Analysis, Systems Analysis, Class/Responsibility/Collaboration Cards (CRC Cards), Noun Verb Analysis.
  • Identifying Class Relationships: Dependencies, Associations, Aggregations, Compositions, Association Classes.
  • Objects and relationships between objects: Links and object diagrams.
  • Modelling: History of Modelling, Modelling Benefits, Agile Modelling, UML Diagrams: Use Case, Sequence, Communication, State, Activity, Class, Component, Deployment, Timing etc., Views: 4+1 views, Dynamic vs. Static etc. Design Patterns, Object Constraint Language.
  • Tools: e.g. Rational Software Architect, StarUML, Enterprise Architect, Visual Paradigm, Validating models, Other useful features of modelling tools. 
  • Software Architecture: Definition, rationale, benefits, business, and technical impact, etc., Architectural patterns Emerging Topics in Object Oriented Design, Model Driven Engineering.
Course Assessment: 
  • Final Written Examination (2 hours)  40%
  • Coursework:                                    60%
    • Online Activities  10%
    • In-course Test   15%
    • Group Presentations 35%

Students will be required to pass both the coursework and the final examination to pass the course.

Course Prerequisites: 

COMP1161 - Object-Oriented Programming AND COMP2140 - Software Engineering.

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