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Course Title: 
Capstone Project
Educational Level: 
Semester offered: 
II AND Summer
Associated Programme: 
B.Sc. CS
Core Course: 

The specific technical topics covered by each group will depend on the type of project. Common examples of such topics include (but are not limited to) Database Design, Web Programming, User-Interface Design Mobile Application Development, Algorithm Design.

Course Assessment: 

This course is assessed via a series of presentations and a demonstration, a written report, and a webpage. The specific contribution of each component towards the overall grade for a group is as follows:

  • Coursework: 100%
    • Midterm Presentation 10%
    • Web Page 10%
    • Final presentation 15%
    • Final demonstration 15%
    • Final Report 50%


The presentations, demonstrations and Web pages are assessed by the evaluation committee. Each group final report is assessed by its supervisor and group members peer-assess each other. This combined level of assessment allows for individual grading.

Course Prerequisites: 

COMP2140 - Software Engineering, COMP2211 - Analysis of Algorithms, AND Any 6 credits of Level 2 or 3 computing code courses.

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