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Computing First Year Course Registration Guide

When registering please make the following selections: 

  • COMP1126 and COMP1127: a lecture stream (3 hrs), a lab(2 hrs) and two tutorials – a primary and a secondary (2 hrs) (also referred to as Tutorial/Discussion and Secondary Tutorial respectively in SAS).
  • COMP1161: a lecture(2 hrs), a lab(2 hrs) and one tutorial(1 hr).
  • COMP1210: a lecture(3 hrs) and one tutorial(1 hr).
  • COMP1220: a lecture(3 hrs) and one tutorial(1 hr).

You are expected to attend all these sessions during each week. 


Note COMP1126 and COMP1127 are offered in the same semester, share the same timeslots , and do NOT clash.

COMP1126 is offered during the first six weeks of the semester, and COMP1127 is offered during the last six weeks of the semester.

Primary tutorials usually occur between Monday and midday Wednesday. Secondary tutorials usually occur between midday Wednesday and Friday.

If you are doing both courses in the same semester, you should register for the same lectures, tutorials and lab time for both courses (ie. COMP1126 and COMP1127)

Example registration for COMP1126/COMP1127

  • If you register for COMP1126 Lecture (M01) Monday 12-2 pm, you must also register for COMP1127 Lecture(M01) Monday 12-2 pm.
  • If you register for COMP1126 Lab(B) Tuesday 11-1pm, you must also register for COMP1127Lab(B) Tuesday 11-1pm.
  • If you register for COMP1126 Primary Tutorial (Tutorial/Discussion) Monday 3-4pm, you must also register for COMP1127 Primary Tutorial Monday 3-4pm.
  • If you register for COMP1126 Secondary Tutorial Friday 9-10am, you must also register for COMP1127 Secondary Tutorial Friday 9-10am.


NB. All first year Computing Courses are offered in semesters 1 and 2, however COMP1126 and COMP1127 are prerequisites for COMP1161. Therefore we recommend that incoming students intending to obtain a computing degree register for COMP1126 and COMP1127 in semester 1 and COMP1161 in semester 2. COMP1210 and COMP1220 can be done in any semester based on your schedule and workload.

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