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Dr. Claudine Allen

1 (876) 702-4455
Top Floor, Block G, Life sciences Building - 4 Anguilla Close.


  1. Claudine Innis, Joel M. Crichlow, Michael Hosein, Stephen Hartley: A JAVA system that combines optimism and pessimism in updating replicas. Proceeding of the IASTED conference on software engineering and applications, 2002. Boston, Massachusetts, USA
  2. Joel M. Crichlow, Stephen J. Hartley, Michael Hosein, Claudine Innis: The COPAR service: Combining Optimism and Pessimism in accessing replicas. Proceedings of IASTED conference on Communications, Internet and Information Technology, 2004. US Virgin Islands
  3. Claudine Innis-Allen and Ezra Mugisa: A Flexible taxonomy for Learning Object Development Based on a Content and Media Centric approaches to granularity. Proceedings of the IASTED conference on Web Based Education, 2008. Austria.
  4. Claudine Allen and Ezra Mugisa: Object Oriented Generic Learning Object Model (OOGLOM). Proceedings of the IASTED conference on Web Based Education, p 137-143, Thailand, 2009
  5. Claudine Allen and Ezra Mugisa: Achieving Learning Object Interoperability and Reusability through Object Orientation. The Proceedings of The Second International Conference of Education Technology and Computer, p 180-183, Shanghai, China, 2010
  6. Claudine Allen and Ezra Mugisa: Improving Learning Object Reuse through OOD: A Theory of Learning Objects. The Journal of Object Technology, 9(6), p 51-75, 2010
  7. Claudine Allen and Ezra Mugisa: A Space-Based Learning Object Context Model: Balancing Reusability and Meaningfulness. Proceedings of the World Conference on E-Learning in Corporate, Government, Healthcare & Higher Education, E-Learn 2010, p 2463-2469, October 18-22, 2010

Courses Taught

Object-Oriented Design and Implementation (COMP2171), Data Structures for Information Technology (INFO2110), Object-Oriented Design (COMP6105)

Research Interests

Domain Specific Modelling - E-learning, Fitness and Nutrition Learning Objects - metadata profiles, reuse of learning objects, repositories, object oriented approach"

Claudine was introduced to computer science for the first time in 1995 when she pursued a degree in computer studies in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. Since then her interest in the field has led to various areas of research including, distributed systems (resulting in an MPhil completed at the St. Augustine campus of UWI in 2002), e-learning with an emphasis learning objects and software engineering with an emphasis on domain-specific modelling. Claudine completed her PhD at the UWI, Mona in 2012 where her focus was on object-oriented design principles and their applicability to learning object design and deployment. Claudine's career in the field includes work in the insurance industry as a systems administrator and IT manager and lecturer at the University of Technology for over 12 years. Her favorite past time is probably anything that involves being with her family. She is married to David and they have three amazing children, 2 boys Nick 11, and Andrew 8 and 1 girl, Annabelle 4.

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