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MSc. in Applied Data Science


First degree from an accredited University in any Natural, Applied or Social Science. Applicants from other disciplines may be accepted based on demonstrated quantitative coursework.


The Masters of Science in Applied Data Science provides for the development of key competencies in an expanding and increasingly demanding subject area of study. The programme seeks to develop a cadre of graduates with the key skills necessary to extract, apply and develop algorithms to make sense of data and scaling those methods in different platforms. The programme is meant to provide experiential and much practical engagement once the theoretic concepts have been introduced. It is expected that the graduate will both understand the reasons why these techniques work and possess the ability to modify, extend and apply them in various specialty areas using the available tools and algorithms. Therefore, the programme provides tangible, immediately applicable skills coupled with foundations that allow the expansion of these for the ever-increasing application areas for data science.

The programme is multi-modal which provides the opportunity for students to attend classes on campus, or from home (synchronous). Local and international Experts from across the world will teach classes.


  • COMP4217 Database Management Systems
  • COMP4610 Statistics for Data Science
  • COMP4620 Programming Principles
  • COMP4621 Programming for Data Science
  • COMP5630 Data Visualization
  • COMP6720 Advanced Databases
  • COMP6115 Knowledge Discovery and Data Analytics 1
  • COMP6120 Knowledge Discovery and Data Analytics 2
  • COMP6130 Big Data Analytics
  • COMP6815 Data Science Seminar
  • COMP6830 Data Science Capstone Project II
  • Plus 4 credits of MSc Computing electives.

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