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MSc in Computer Science

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The M.Sc. in Computer Science aims to expose candidates to cutting edge developments in computing technology and contemporary research, while meeting the national and regional research and development needs of the industry.

Programme Structure

The programme consists of 40 Credit Hours (not including any course taken to fulfil background requirements) as follows:

Entry Requirements

The entry requirements for the programme is a first degree from a recognised university. In addition, candidates registering for the degree will have to demonstrate competence in the following courses which are part of our current undergraduate programme:

  • Discrete Mathematics (CS20S/COMP2101)
  • Analysis of Algorithms(CS20R/COMP2111)
  • Object-Oriented Programming(CS11R/COMP1160)

Candidates may also have to display competence in areas of specialisation selected. Students who fail to meet the background knowledge requirements may be permitted to register for courses in the summer prior to the start of the programme to fulfil these. Candidates who either took background courses at UWI which have changed significantly or who took courses at another university with substantial differences in the content must pass an area exam. Students who have failed to achieve a grade B or higher in a course deemed necessary to meet the background requirements must also pass an area exam. The Department may exempt candidates from an area exam on the basis of professional certification or documented professional or research experience in that area.

Criteria for Graduation

To graduate a student must complete a total of 40 credits as follows:

  • A core of three courses(one general and two in computer science) for 12 credits
  • Five Computer Science courses (at least two in one specialisation area) for 20 credits
  • A research project which may be industry related or academic for 8 credits

Course and Specialisation Areas

The course groups follow: first the core courses, then courses grouped by specialisation areas. Courses with old course codes exist in the current programme. Descriptions of the courses follow. Note that not all courses will be offered every year. Some courses will be offered in alternate years. Certain courses will be offered based on demand. However, core courses will be offered every year. All candidates will be asked to indicate areas and courses of interest in order to advise them and facilitate planning by the department.

Core Courses and Research
Course Code Course Title Credits
COMP6001 Research Methods and Technical Writing 4
COMP6105 Object-oriented Design 4
COMP6420 Research Project 8
COMP6430 Topics in Advanced Algorithms 4


Software Engineering
Course Code Course Title Credits
COMP6110 Advanced Software Engineering 4
COMP6410 Formal Methods of Software Design 4


Systems, Security, and Networking
Course Code Course Title Credits
COMP6420 Parallel Computing 4
COMP6710 Advanced Operating Systems 4
COMP6720 Advanced Database Systems 4
COMP6730 Cryptography and Digital Security 4
COMP6770 Advanced Computer Networks 4
COMP6771 Wireless Networks 4


User Interface Design, Visualization, and Interactive Media
Course Code Course Title Credits
COMP6510 Topics in Advanced User Interface Design 4
COMP6520 E-Learning Design 4
COMP6540 Interactive Media Design 4
COMP6550 Web Design and Programming 4


Artificial Intelligence
Course Code Course Title Credits
COMP6210 Advanced Artificial Intelligence 4
COMP6220 Expert Systems 4
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