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Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology


Since resuming administrative control of our MSc Computer Science, with every cohort of applicants, there have been those with no prior academic experience or exposure to any Computing discipline. The Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology (PGDIT) aims to bridge this gap. It is a self-financing programme and it is expected that students will complete the diploma over a period of three (3) sequential semesters with a total of thirty two (32) credits.
Programme Structure

The programme will be offered in an accelerated format over one academic year (3 semesters). It will cover subject areas including programming in at least two (2) widely used languages, mathematics for the field of IT, software engineering, networking and databases. Courses will be offered in pairs, over a period of eight (8) weeks. The eight week period is broken down as follows,

     Contact hours - two 4-hour sessions per week over a period of six (6) weeks
     2-week break
     examinations for the two courses at the end of the 2-week break
    1-week break between the examinations and the start of the next 2 courses

Entry Requirements

The programme is open to candidates with at least a first degree in a discipline other than Computing. The programme will be delivered in face-to-face mode, with classes held in the evenings to facilitate part-time working students.
Criteria for Graduation

To graduate a student must complete a total of 32 credits as follows:

    A core of six courses (Including Individual Project) for 24 credits
    Two electives for 8 credits

 Course Code  Course Name  Credits
 Core Courses    
CS42M  Discrete Mathematics  4
 CS41A  Introduction to Computer Programming  4
 CS42A  Data Structures  4
 Computer Architecture  4
 CS43Q  Operating Systems & Networks  4
 CS49S  Individual Project  4
 CS42Q  Introduction to Database Principles  4
Graphics & Multimedia
 CS43A  Algorithms & Analysis  4
 CS44A  C Programming & Unix  4
 CS44Q  Internet Computing  4


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