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BSc Computer Studies Option

This degree offers a mixture of courses from Computing and from the Faculty of Social Sciences. NB:Acceptance into the Computer Studies Option does not guarantee acceptance into Part II courses in the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Programme Structure


Normally takes three (3) years of full-time study.

Summary of Requirements

Students completing the B.Sc. Computer Studies option will have to meet the following requirements:

  • COMP1126, COMP1127, COMP1161, MATH1141, MATH1151 (or good grade in M10C), ACCT1005, ACCT1003 or (SOCI1002, PSYC1002)
  • COMP2111, COMP2101, COMP2140, COMP2240
  • COMP3100, COMP3160, COMP3110, COMP3900
  • 3 additional credits at level 3
  • 24 additional credits from level 2 or 3 chosen from Computer Science, Mathematics, Economics and Management Studies


Level Code Credits Core/Optional Title
I COMP1126 3 C Intro to Computing I
  COMP1127 3 C Intro to Computing II
  COMP1161 3 C Object-oriented Programming
  MATH1141/1142 3 + 3 C Algebra/Calculus I
  MATH1151/1152 3 + 3 C Formal Mathematics/Calculus II
  ECON1000 3 C Principles of Economics I
  ECON1012 3 C Principles of Economics II
  ACCT1005 3 O Financial Accounting
  ACCT1003 3 O Introduction to Cost and Management Accounting
  SOCI1002 3 O Sociology for the Caribbean
  PSYC1002 3 O Introduction to Industrial & Organizational Psychology
II COMP2211 3 C Analysis of Algorithms
  COMP2201 3 C Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science
  COMP2140 3 C Introduction to Software Engineering
  COMP2170 3 C Object Technology
  COMP2190 3 C Net-Centric Computing
  COMP2340 3 C Computer Systems Organisation
III COMP3101 3 C Operating Systems
  COMP3220 3 C Principles of Artificial Intelligence
  COMP3161 3 C Database Management Systems
  INFO3110 3 C Information Systems 
  COMP3901 3 C Group Project

Four (3) additional credits at level III. 
24 additional credits from Level II or III may be chosen from Computer Science, Mathematics, Economics, and Management Studies.

* A good grade in M10C may substitute.

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