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BSc. General - Software Engineering Major

The major in software engineering is a three year programme based on the ACM/IEEE recommendations. Software engineering is one of the five sub-disciplines of computing. It focuses on developing methods, processes and tools for building large, complex software systems. 


The primary aim of the major in software engineering is to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary for the application of a systematic, disciplined, quantifiable approach to the development, operation, and maintenance of software. Students should expect to be trained in the theoretical, practical and professional aspects of software engineering. The focus of the software engineering major will be:

  • Abstraction – the identification and representation of common, underlying patterns in data and procedures
  • Modelling – the representation and analysis of applications and systems using notations (primarily graphical) and specification/design languages
  • Information organisation and representation – the precise expression of the essential characteristics of  data that we use
  • Management of change – the approaches to planning and dealing with transitioning products, people and organisations from a current state to a possible future state
  • Professional practice – the application of specialist knowledge on behalf of members of society who do not themselves have such knowledge

Programme Structure

Students are required to complete 93 credits, 39 of which will be from software engineering. Level 1 covers basic courses in computing and mathematics and will provide the foundation for the Level II and III courses. In Level II, 21 credits cover the core subject areas of algorithm analysis, discrete mathematics, software engineering basics, computer hardware organisation, object technologies, networks and security. In Level III, there will be 4 compulsory, 3 credit courses in addition to internship and a capstone project course.

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