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Computer Networking


In recent years we have witnessed the rising use of networked computer devices for monitoring environments and mobile communications. These use cases require new methods for approaching sensor deployment, protocol design, and information security. Problems that arise in wireless networking environments cannot be solved with the same approaches used for wired networks due to the impact of node mobility and more rapid time variation in the communication channel. From a technical point of view, these problems require proper network and protocol design as well as analysis of the trade-offs of the network parameter choices.

Work in Progress: 
Optimal acoustic sensor placement
Previous research has shown that optimal sensor placement is a hard problem. In this research we aim to find the best ways to deploy stationary acoustic sensors in an environment to extract events of interest. Some of the research questions that we are investigating include:
  • How do you secure communications between resource-limited acoustic sensors and a base station?
  • How do you determine the best sensor locations to achieve a low number of false shooting reports?
  • Will the performance of the sensor network be improved by factoring in the impact of air temperature and wind speed? By what factor?
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