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The following readings are available at DITTO/Docuspot or on loan from your tutor

1. Alleyne, M.(1985) A Linguistic Perspective on the Caribbean [tutor’s pack only]

2. Fishman, J. (1969) The Sociology of Language in Giglioli, P. (ed) (1973) Language and Social ContextPenguin:Hammondsworth (chapter 2)

3. Ferguson (1959) Diglossia in Word vol. 15, pages 325- 340

4. Gal, S. (1976) Peasant men can’t get wives: Language change and sex roles in a bilingual community in Language in Society 7 (1-16) [tutor’s pack only]

5. Gumperz, J. (1968) The Speech Community in Giglioli, P. (ed) (1973) Language and Social ContextPenguin:Hammondsworth (Chapter 10)

6. Nettle & Romaine (2000) Vanishing Voices Oxford University Press (chapter 1)

7. Rickford, J (1983) Standard and non-standard language attitudes in the Creole
continuum in S.C.L. Occasional Papers, School of Education, UWI [tutor’s pack only]

8. Winford, D. (1985) The concept of “diglossia” in Caribbean Creole situations in
Language and Society 14 (345-356)

9. Walters, K. (1996) Gender, Identity and the political economy of language use:
Anglophone wives in Tunisia in Language in Society, 25 (515-555)

Major Journals for research in The Sociology of Language (case studies can be found in the journal series):
(1) Language in Society
(2) International Journal of the Sociology of Language
(3) Language Problems and Language Planning
(4) English World-Wide
(5) Applied Linguistics
(6) Language
(7) Language Variation and Change

Prescribed Text:

Coupland, N. and A. Jaworski (1997) Sociolinguistics:A Reader and Coursebook
New York: St. Martin Press [available at the bookshop@$3200]
****this book will be needed for L23B- 2nd Semester****

Highly Recommended:

Wardhaugh, R. An Introduction to Sociolinguistics
Oxford: Basil Blackwell [available at the bookshop $2885] [Library: 2 O/S, 2 RBC]

Holmes, J. (2001) An Introduction to Sociolinguistics
Longman Group UK Ltd [available at the bookshop $1810] [Library: 2 RBC]

Additional references will be provided during the course of the semester.
(A selection of articles will be available for overnight loan from your tutor. Students are reminded that delay in returning these articles means other students in the course will have less access to information)


    Incourse Test will be on Wednesday, November 22, 2006 - 3-5pm This will account for 35% of your final grade

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