PH20F: Metaphysics

I) Required Readings

i) D. W. Hamlyn. Metaphysics . Cambridge University Press. 1994
ii) Bruce Aunm me Metaphysics - The Elements . Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press. 1995
iii) A. J. Ayer Language, Truth and Logic . New York: Dover Publications. 1952.
iv) Lugwig Wittgenstein Philosophical Investigations . Basil Blackwell. 1988.
v) Immanuel Kant Prolegomena to Any Future Metaphysics . Macmillan Publishing Co. 1988.
vi) Plato The Republic . Penguin Books. 1987.
J. A. I. Bewaji, An Introduction to Theory of Knowledge . Ibadan , Nigeria : Hope Publications Ltd. 2007
II) Other Readings

i) Peter Van Inwager Metaphysics. Boulder, Colorado: Western Press. 1993.
ii) Reginald E. Allen - Editor Greek Philosophy: Thales to Aristotle . Free Press. 1991.
iii) Anthony Flew An Introduction to Western Philosophy . Thomas and Hudson. 1991
III) General References
i) Jegwon Kim and Ernest Sosa - Editor, A Companion to Metaphysics. Blackwell. Cambridge, Mass., 02142, 1995.
ii) John Cottingham Editor, Western Philosophy - An Anthology. 1996.
iii) John Passmore A Hundred Years of Philosophy. Penguin Books, 1970.

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