One level-I philosophy

Dr. Oswald Harding

PH20F: Metaphysics
Sememster : II (2004-2005)

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i) Introduction  

a) What is metaphysics
b) The nature of metaphysics
c) The subject matter of metaphysics
d) Methods of metaphysical argumentation
e) Truth in metaphysics

ii) Being and Ontology The problem of appearance and reality
iii) Substance.  
iv) Space, time and history.


v) Causality.


vi) Freedom and Determinism.  
vii) Universals and particulars.  
viii) Ultimate reality and meaning.  
ix) Philosophy issues of life, death and immortality.  

x) The decline and resurgence of speculative metaphysics


The rise and decline of Logical Positivism.



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