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Tunde Bewaji, FJIM.

Two lectures and one tutorial per week.

PH27B : Introduction to Philosophy of Art.


Course Description

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An examination of some of the philosophical issues in art. Questions to be addressed include the following:

•  What is art?
•  Is aesthetic experience different from other kinds of experience?
•  What is the role of reasoning in art criticism?
•  How do we know that a work of art is good?
•  Should art be judged on moral grounds?
•  What is the value of art?

The course aims at deepening understanding of the arts and increasing appreciation of the role they play in society

Course Outline:
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•  Theories of Art.
•  Aesthetic Experience.
•  The Interpretation of Art.
•  The Evaluation of Art.
•  Art and Morality.
•  The Value of Art.

Course Evaluation:
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  1. One long essay (2500 words) 30%
    Final Two Hour Examination 60%

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Two lectures and one tutorial per week.
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